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 Rainwatch Rainfall Indicator


Rainwatch displays either long or short term rainfall with the flip of a switch.

Select the length of time for each 'counter' with the reset switch. Collect annual rainfall in one memory, and weekly or daily rainfall in the other. 4-digit LED panel displays rainfall from 00.01" to 99.99" with an inch/cm conversion chart.

A single 9V battery (included) will collect and maintain data for up to 1 week in case of power failure. Outside rainfall collector meets NWS specifications for size and accuracy, and is self-emptying for your convenience. Rainwatch is also compatible with most other rainfall collectors.

The collector bucket can remain outdoors year-round.  Freezing weather will not damage the collector, but readings of snow or freezing rain are not to be considered accurate readings of rainfall. 

Ships complete with rainfall collector w/60' cable and AC adapter.

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