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Wind Direction Sensors

Ideal for applications where precise wind direction is not a requirement. The Maximum Distributor & Vane sensor measures wind direction across 16-compass points 22.5º resolution. A reed switch construction with a conformal coated curciut board provides many years of reliable operation. 


Distributor & Vane

Interchangeable, reed-switch sensor with 22.5º resolution. 
Dimensions: 3.5"H x 2.0"D with a swept diameter of 7.5"
Weight: 1.93 oz

Easily adaptable to new or existing circuits with an AC voltage input. Designed to be interchangeable. Interface for digital circuitry is available here.

The Lexan vane is impervious to shock, vibration and sunlight, and has thermal properties which let it resist and shed icing far more effectively than metal direction vanes.

Thrust and joint bearings are O-ring mounted, self-aligning to a Beryllium copper shaft, and impervious to moisture and salt air. Maximum wind speed sensors are ideal for use with various data retrieval systems. More than 35 years of in-the-field use, has provided the basis of our solid confidence in these sensors for a wide variety of applications.