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Instrument Applications


 MAC3 Wind Speed Alarm & Controller


By providing warning or control based on wind speed, MAC3 can be used for numerous applications, including the safe operation of:

-  Cranes, elevated equipment or personnel platforms
-  Aerial marketing - balloons, awnings, signage
-  Public fountains - prevent overspray onto the public

MAC3 has also been used in some rather unique applications, such as:

-  A diary cow cooling system - when winds exceed a certain speed the water curtain cooling system shuts down and the cows are kept cool by the wind.
-  Reduce the occurrence of brownouts by re-directing electricity in the power grid based on high winds in specific location of the grid.
-  Control the open/close operation of a set of large, wooden property gates that could be damaged if opened or closed in high winds.

The applications for MAC3 are limitless and we would be glad to discuss your own standard or unique application for this or any Maximum product.

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Hand Held Anemometer



Any application which requires portable, accurate measurement of wind speed, is a suitable application for Maximum hand held anemometers.  Common applications include:

-  Forestry - environmental monitoring, fire fighting 
-  Military - preparation and training
-  Sport - hot air ballooning, parachuting, wind surfing, track & field events, etc...

Their are numerous other applications for hand held anemometers. Maximum is ready to discuss your specific application for these or any other Maximum product.

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